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How to Get Instant Online CNC Quote China ?

Sending us an email is the most fast way to reach our sales engineer team for instant quote or further discussion. Direct Email: [email protected].

Detailed Information is Needed for Quick CNC Quotation

Firstly, drawings are most important for our engineers’ evalutation and pricing work. Before quotation, we need to check drawings carefully and see if your parts are within our manufacturing capability in technical perspective.

So please attach 2D drawings(eg. PDF format) and 3D models(.step format is the best) when sending email to us for an instant cnc quote in China.

However, different customers have different situation. Some customers may be very cautious on drawings considering Intellectual Property protection. In this case, please send us NDA document for signature and company seal first. In fact, privacy protection is the basic concept for all our well trained staff. Moreover, photographing is not allowed for visitors without relavancy and customers’ contact information on drawings are regulated to be removed during manufacturing processes. So customer’s privacy could be protected well with us.

Meanwhile, please advise accurate quantities, surface finish and other important details of the cnc machining parts you need for getting an accurate and instant quote.

Above all, welcome to send us an email to get start. Our sales engineer team is online for 7/24 services to supply customers with the best instant online cnc machining quote and support from china.

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Address: Zhuyuanshan Industrial Zone, Huangling Rd, Chashan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China

Contact Person: Grace Z

Phone: +86-136-52571703

Working Time: 24/7 Services Online for Instant Quote or Technical Support

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