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KS Machining is an old Chinese cnc machining factory who has more than 15 years experience in custom brass parts CNC manufacturing field in China. Through countless custom brass parts manufacturing in the past, we have already accumulated  best skills and experience in brass parts and components manufacturing.

Brass materials are often used in cnc machining field for valves, connectors, music instruments, automation equipment, telecommunication components, industrial control systems, and architectural decoration hardware accessories.

About Brass Material and Surface Finish

Brass material is an alloy mainly composed of copper and zinc. According to the different kinds of alloy compositions contained in brass materials, it can be categorized into ordinary brass and special brass. Ordinary brass is brass composed of copper and zinc. Special brass is a variety of alloys composed of more than two compositions, such as lead, tin, manganese, nickel, iron, silicon and others.

The surface treatment of brass materials generally includes brass passivation, electroplating (chrome plating), electrophoresis (gold color), etc. Passivation can prevent brass materials from oxidation and rust. Therefore, passivation treatment of brass parts can effectively protect the surface of brass cnc machined parts. Brass parts have very good electrical conductivity, which has the best electroplating effect among all metal materials. Electroplating can also enhance the performance of corrosion resistance, increase hardness, prevent from abrasion, improve electrical conductivity, smoothness, heat resistance and surface aesthetics.

Some Custom Brass CNC Machined Parts We Made:

custom cnc machined brass parts china
custom cnc machined brass parts china
custom brass parts china
custom brass parts china

Features of Brass CNC Machined Parts Production:

1.  Brass has lower strength and hardness than steel, and it is easier to be machined than steel too. But we still choose tungsten tools for cutting brass.

2. Brass is relatively tough and soft at the same time, so the cnc milling process of brass usually adopts higher RMP with small feed. The benefit is that it can obtain good surface finish at the same time.

3. Brass materials are easy to be deformed during clamping, so it is necessary to design a reasonable clamping fixture and control the appropriate clamping force, so as to control the machining accuracy of brass cnc machined parts.

4. The linear expansion coefficient of brass material is larger than that of steel, so it is easy to generate heat during processing, and the performance of expansion with heat and contraction with cold is very obvious. Therefore, special brass lubricating coolant should be used for cooling during cnc machining process of brass materials. For custom brass parts with high precision, we suggest to place rough machined brass parts aside for more than 48 hours, and then fine machining after stress relief.

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KS Machining company is the top cnc machining services supplier in china. We offer the best precision cnc machining services for global customers such as USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Japan, etc. We are cnc machined parts manufacturer and supplier for metal and plastic such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, delrin, petp, peek, etc from prototype to volume manufacturing jobs.

If you are looking for cnc machining services about custom brass machined parts in China, KS Machining Limited has the advanced facilities and experienced engineers to manufacture your custom brass parts according to specifications with best quality.

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