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CNC turning parts China manufacturer and supplier offers cnc turning services of precision cnc turned parts & components in aluminum, brass, stainless steel, metal & plastic. CNC Turning is suitable for manufacturing round shape items in different materials. Most of the time, cnc turning needs to work together with CNC milling to finish the main sizes manufacturing of a part. With the development of modern machines with high technology, some cnc turning machines could finish cnc turning and  milling for one time so as to get higher geometric precision. Our factory is equipped  with advanced cnc turning machines to meet different manufacturing situations for global customers based in China.

What is CNC Turning?

CNC turning is to change the shape and size of the raw materials into the final parts with required sizes on drawings through a specific geometric shape cutting tool on the CNC turning machine.

Firstly, the part is fixed on the cnc turning machine by the chuck. Then, the part is driven by the motor to rotate at high speed. The rotating speed can be set according to our demands. Hereafter the machinist can start to control the cutting tool motion to cut on the surface of the part we need.

CNC Turning is generally divided into rough turning and fine turning (including semi-fine turning). Rough turning is the most economical and effective method for rough machining of the basic shape. Because the main purpose of rough turning is to cut off the redundant materials quickly, so as to improve the manufacturing efficiency. The rough turning usually adopts larger cutting depth and feed rate. Fine turning process should adopt high rotating speed, small feed and cutting depth as per the specific situation, so as to ensure high precision and excellent surface quality.

When CNC Turning is Applied:

CNC turning is one of the most basic and commonly seen manufacturing methods. It plays an important role in cnc manufacturing field. CNC turning is suitable for machining round surfaces. Most cnc machined parts with round shape can be machined by cnc turning, such as inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, grooves, threads and other revolving forming shapes.

Cnc turning machines are widely used in CNC machining manufacturing field. CNC turning machine can not only produce parts with turning tools, but also do drilling, reaming, tapping and knurling processes for a part. CNC turning tools are mostly made of high-speed steel or cemented carbide. In recent years, ceramic tools and synthetic diamond tools are also widely used based on specific manufacturing needs.

Some CNC Turning Parts We Made before:

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cnc turned parts china
cnc turning parts china
cnc turning parts china

Advantages of CNC Turning:

  1. CNC turning is easy to ensure the geometric precision of every machined size of the parts, for example, it is easy to ensure the concentricity requirement.
  2. CNC turning is helpful to improve production efficiency and reducing customers’ purchasing cost. CNC turning performance is stable, allowing a larger cutting feed, thus reducing the production time on machine. Cnc turning machine is easy to operate and fast to clamp, and multiple surfaces can be completed by one-time clamping.
  3. CNC turning has strong adaptability to the part design structure, materials and production quantity. CNC turning is good at rapid part design and quick turn production. Whether it is prototyping or mass production, quick production action could be taken. CNC turning is suitable for materials like steel, copper and aluminum, and also non-metals materials such as glass fiber, plastic, wood, etc. CNC turning process can obtain high manufacturing precision and very fine surface quality meeting high requirement on surface roughness.
  4. CNC turning tools are easy to manufacture, and it is convenient to reasonably select the tools according to the manufacturing demands.

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