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CNC prototype China CNC rapid prototyping machining parts manufacturer and supplier. We offer cheap cnc prototype parts and best services in China. CNC Prototyping is the most economic way to prove a successful design on product parts. Only few cost to be spent to check if any errors before mass production. KS machining Limited is based in China and has been offering cnc prototype machining services for customers for more than 15 years and rich experiences are accumulated to help customers to go success for one time.

The 3D design software used in modern industrial design can intuitively show the three-dimensional modeling of products on the screen, carry out simulation assembly and motion simulation, and even carry out static and dynamic analysis. However, the screen is flat after all, and its size is limited, which cannot be compared with the real objects. All kinds of design errors may still occur. Some scientific research institutions in China are studying the simulation of three-dimensional touch, but it is still far from application.

On the contrary, the physical cnc machined prototype can truly show the structure, shape, color, texture and other elements of the product design from all directions. The assembly and movement relationship of the product can be fully tested. The same material of cnc machining prototype to its designed materials can directly show the strength and rigidity of the final product. The defects in the product design will be fully exposed after checking the cnc machined prototypes. The most important thing is that the customer’s feeling is more real. Therefore, making cnc machining prototype is still the initial process for many companies to make decisions and then place orders for volume manufacturing.

Advantages of Making CNC Machined Prototypes:

  1. Rapid manufacturing speed ( we could even offer two or three day quick turn cnc prototyping service). Low cost comparing with making a mold. CNC prototyping could reach very high precision, fine surface quality. Some small places could be handled during auxiliary manufacturing phase afterwards.
  2. A wide range of materials could be selected for cnc machining prototypes for meeting different demands from customers and ensure material consistency of prototypes and mass production parts.
  3. Simple manufacturing equipments. Using 3D cnc machine and some other auxiliary tools are enough.  So cnc machining prototype is good for control product development cost and winning precious marketing time and good market share.

Some CNC Prototype Machining Work We Did before:

CNC prototype China
CNC prototype China
CNC prototyping Services China
CNC prototyping Services China

Advantages of Making CNC Machined Prototypes:

  1. High manufacturing precision and stable machining quality.
  2. CNC Milling has strong adaptability and good flexibility for parts manufacturing, and can machine parts with critical size tolerances, such as mold parts, medical device parts, etc
  3. CNC milling can manufacture parts that can’t be processed or are difficult to be processed by traditional milling machines, such as complex and curved shape parts with 3D models by introducing 4 axis or 5 axis cnc machines.
  4. CNC milling can conveniently manufacture parts that need to be processed in multiple processes such as drilling, reaming, tapping, trenching, etc. after one time clamping and positioning. It can effectively guarantee tolerances to finish manufacturing of a part by one time.
  5. CNC Milling builds good foundation of production automation. When huge quantity parts need to be made by cnc machines, robot arms could be introduced to achieve production automation purpose and decrease production cost.

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