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KS Machining Company provides the best cnc milling services in China for global customers who needs custom made cnc milling parts. We manufacture high quality cnc milled parts with different surface finishes strictly according to specs on drawings. CNC milling is the most important process like a backbone in CNC manufacturing industry.  CNC milling can make a part directly starting from a block raw material in aluminum, brass, stainless steel, plastics, etc. And cnc milling can also work as an auxiliary process to manufacture critical dimensions  after we have semi-finished casting or extruded shape parts.  KS Machining has been offering best cnc milling services for world wide customers for more than 15 years. Welcome to send us email if you want to make custom cnc machined parts in China. Email: [email protected]

What are CNC Milling Parts Understood by China Factory?

CNC Milling is a kind of manufacturing method of cutting metal or plastic material blocks by machine tools. The cutting tool rotates, and the part is fed horizontally or vertically against the cutting tool. In some cases, the part remains fixed and the rotating cutting tool is fed horizontally or vertically. Thereby cutting off redundant materials and obtaining final parts meeting the size requirements on drawings.

CNC milling mainly includes two steps: rough machining and fine machining.

When rough machining, materials will be cut deeper and more redundant materials to be removed, so as to cut off as much materials not needed as possible in a shorter time, thus improving the production efficiency. The precision and surface quality of the parts after rough machining are usually not high.

The most important consideration of fine machining is the precision and surface quality of the parts instead of the cutting amount.

When some cnc machining parts with higher precision and higher surface quality, it is necessary to adopt fine machining to  further improve the precision of parts by reducing the cutting amount. The main purpose of reducing cutting amount is to reduce cutting force and make the deformation of parts in a controllable range; The cutting heat is reduced to minimize the thermal deformation of the parts, and the tool wear is reduced to ensure the machining accuracy and surface quality of the parts.  After fine machining, the surface quality of final machined parts can reach Ra1,6µm, and under certain conditions, it can even reach ra0.4um, which is close to the mirror finish.

Some CNC Milled Parts We Made as below:

custom cnc milling parts china
custom cnc milling parts china
CNC milling services China
CNC milling services China

CNC Milling has the following advantages:

  1. High manufacturing precision and stable machining quality.
  2. CNC Milling has strong adaptability and good flexibility for parts manufacturing, and can machine parts with critical size tolerances, such as mold parts, medical device parts, etc
  3. CNC milling can manufacture parts that can’t be processed or are difficult to be processed by traditional milling machines, such as complex and curved shape parts with 3D models by introducing 4 axis or 5 axis cnc machines.
  4. CNC milling can conveniently manufacture parts that need to be processed in multiple processes such as drilling, reaming, tapping, trenching, etc. after one time clamping and positioning. It can effectively guarantee tolerances to finish manufacturing of a part by one time.
  5. CNC Milling builds good foundation of production automation. When huge quantity parts need to be made by cnc machines, robot arms could be introduced to achieve production automation purpose and decrease production cost.

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KS Machining company is the top cnc machining services supplier in china. We offer the best precision cnc machining services for world wide customers such as USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, France, Netherland, Sweden, Australia, Japan, etc. We are cnc machined parts manufacturer and supplier for metal and plastic such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, delrin, petp, peek, etc from prototype to volume manufacturing jobs.

If you are looking for CNC milling services from China, please send us email with your 2D and 3D files to [email protected] to get a free quote quickly. Our sales engineer team will check your drawings carefully and reply emails within 12 hours for global customer support.