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China machine shop online in China for custom cnc manufacturing precision cnc machining parts for customers from UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, Denmark,  Sweden,  etc. Commonly seen materials are aluminum, brass, stainless steel, copper, pom and some other metal and plastic materials.

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Tips for Custom Manufacturing Heat Sink

Are you looking for custom heat sink china manufacturer? We are China cnc machining factory who has rich experience on custom manufacturing heat sinks. Our CNC machine shop is facilitated with advanced cnc machines and other secondary machines to offer one stop precision cnc machining services for customers from USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, UK, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Japan, etc.  [...]

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How to Cooperate on CNC Machining Job?

How to Cooperate on CNC Machining Job with us? Discussing drawings with customers and confirm manufacturing methods. KS Limited engineering team would give the most economical and reasonable manufacturing processes according to customer’s needs. The engineering team of our company will discuss with the customers and provide constructive suggestions to the customers from structural design, material selection, surface treatment, etc. [...]

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