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Below we would like to share some knowledge as an experienced custom aluminum cnc machining china factory based on our previous experiences accumulation.

Aluminum alloy materials are widely used in almost all industries. Common ones include: camera accessories, heat sinks, flashlight products, automobile parts, motorcycle parts, mechanical parts, aviation parts, yacht parts, electronic appliances, lighting, furniture, sports equipment, precision instruments, etc. If good anodizing effect is required, AL6061 can be selected. If higher hardness is required, AL7075 can be a good option.

Properties of aluminum alloy materials:

  1. Excellent thermal conductivity.

The thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is excellent. Aluminum thermal conductivity is only inferior to that of gold, silver and copper, and it is three times of iron. Therefore, aluminum alloy is a good material for making radiators and heaters.

  1. Good corrosion resistance.

Aluminum alloy can oxidize with oxygen in the air to form a dense and hard oxide film in some time, which effectively protects the aluminum alloy matrix from corrosion. In order to further improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum materials, aluminum machining part manufacturers often carry out anodizing on the surface of aluminum parts, so as to give full play to the corrosion resistance of aluminum materials.

  1. Light weight and high strength.

Compared with pure aluminum material, aluminum alloy inherits the light weight property of aluminum material and has higher strength.

  1. Low density.

The density of aluminum alloy is close to 2.7g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of steel or brass. The low density is very beneficial to the lightweight demands of vehicles, machinery, aerospace aircraft, and ships, etc, And it can also save the transportation cost and make the final products more economic and competitive. That is why aluminum material is widely used in the industrial manufacturing field.

Some Custom Aluminum CNC Machined Parts We Produced before:

china custom aluminum cnc turned parts
china custom aluminum cnc turned parts
aluminum cnc machining china
aluminum cnc machining china

How does an aluminum cnc machining china factory makes aluminum machined parts?

Rough machining and fine machining can be separated in the aluminum machining process. After rough machining, and stress release process is carried out to fully release the cutting stress and residual stress of the parts, and then fine machining can greatly improve the machining quality of the parts. Separating rough machining from fine machining has the following advantages:

1) the influence of residual stress on machining deformation can be reduced. After rough machining, it is suggested to use heat treatment or leave aside for some time to remove the stress caused by rough machining, so as to reduce the influence of stress on fine machining quality afterwards.

2) Improve machining accuracy and surface quality. After rough machining and fine machining are separated, fine machining is only a small allowance for cutting, resulting in small machining stress and deformation, which can greatly improve the precision and surface quality of parts.

3) Improve production efficiency. Because rough machining only removes redundant materials and leaves enough allowance for fine machining, the precision is not considered too much  when rough machining, so that the performance of different types of machines can be effectively brought into play and the production efficiency can be improved.

Aluminum CNC Machining China Factory can Offer General Surface Treatments as below

Aluminum alloy is popular because of its easy cutting, good visual effect and rich surface treatment methods. The common surface treatments of aluminum parts are:

  1. Anodizing.

When placing aluminum cnc machining parts into electrolyte with specific conditions, and additional current is applied, there will be an oxide film covering on aluminum parts(anodes). We name this process anodizing.  Anodizing can not only solve the defects of hardness and wear resistance of aluminum part surfaces, but also prolong the service life of aluminum parts and enhance the aesthetics. Anodizing has become the most widely used and very successful surface finish method of custom aluminum cnc machined parts.

2. Sand blasting (glass bead blasting)

It is the cleaning and roughening process of metal surface by the impact of high-speed sand flow. This surface treatment of aluminum parts can make the surface of the parts obtain certain cleanliness and different roughness, and improve the mechanical properties of the surface of the parts, thus improving the fatigue resistance of the parts, increasing the adhesion between the parts and the coating, prolonging the durability of the coating, and being beneficial to the leveling and decoration of the coating. Sand blasting is often seen in various apple products like iphone housing and frames, etc.

  1. Polishing

Surface polishing method is generally used to reduce the surface roughness of the parts, so as to obtain bright and smooth surfaces. Polishing processes are mainly divided into mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrolytic polishing. After mechanical polishing and electrolytic polishing, aluminum parts can approach the mirror effect, giving people the feeling of high-grade simplicity and fashionable future (however, it is easy to leave fingerprints on polished part surfaces).

  1. Brushing.

Brushing is a manufacturing process of repeatedly scraping aluminum surfaces with sandpaper. The brushing process can clearly show every fine silk mark, thus making the metal matte glow with fine hair luster, and the product has both fashion and scientific sense.

And there are many more surface finishes on custom aluminum machined parts like powder coating, silk screen printing, laser engraving, CD pattern, etc.

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Industrial designers are very fond of using aluminum alloy materials. Aluminum alloy is a very frequently used material in custom CNC machining field. Different types of aluminum alloy can be selected according to different performances of products, different applications and different manufacturing processes. The commonly used aluminum alloy grades in our company are: AL5052, AL5083, AL6061, AL6063, AL6082, AL7075, etc. Our company has stock of commonly used aluminum materials, which is convenient for direct use during production and it can shorten the lead time.

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